Innovation and Sustainability

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and Sustainability

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NXC Next City Lab is a research lab and innovation hub for the next generations’ cities, addressing the issue at every scale of design, with particular focus on every aspect of sustainability.

NXC Next City Lab works together with a qualified team of professionals specialized in different filed of design, who look upon the environmental sustainability as an added value for every project. NXC Next City Lab provides consultancy and support to private and public stakeholders to pursue projects on developing countries.

What we do:

Architecture + -

In the field of architectural design NXC - LAB develops projects with a strong focus on energy and cost containment, green buildings and new living proposals.

Urban Design + -

In the field of urban design, reuse and integration between architecture and landscape, between manmade and nature, are fundamental themes for every project. The SMART City topic refers to a bright city, a model of urbanization where digital technologies live together with green, private and public spaces, improving the quality of living for citizens.

Reuse and Urban regeneration + -

The REUSE and recovery of abandoned areas or buildings represents the best form of safeguard to reduce the waste of natural resources. Urban regeneration, in the inevitably multicultural and multiethnic society of our future, cannot ignore the promotion of greater social and intercultural integration. putting at the center the reuse and the regeneration of abandoned areas and buildings, to promote innovative and multicultural places.

Product design + -

In the field of product design NXC - LAB has developed projects about green and electric mobility, a wealth of experience acquired with its project partners.


Urban Regeneration and Smart City

Technology at the service of the quality of life.

“Reuse, transformation and re-functionalization are the main form of saving the natural resources of our planet and the only way to give continuity to history and to build the identity of a territory that is built on itself.”

Infrastructures and Landscape

Infrastructure is a great work of land-art within the landscape.

From the time of the Roman aqueducts to the construction of the most contemporary bridges and rail transport lines, it is clear that an infrastructure is not just a work of engineering but is, mainly, a great work of land-art within the landscape.

Public spaces

A new relation between private and public space.

“The square, the public space are the places through which a city meets and represents its level of cultural advancement and artistic sensitivity.”

Parks and Landscape

“Landscape = Nature+Human Intervention “ (Edoardo Gellner)

The project of a park is based on the contemporary urge for places to relate with nature and outdoor spaces.

Architecture and Landscape

Dialogue between nature and artifice.

Architectural projects can embody a place uniqueness, taking shapes and geometries which reflects local traditions and history. The architectural element becomes a landmark, physical and materic expression of the place where it is built.

Green Mobility

Industrial design products for electrical mobility.

New products for electric mobility are specifically designed to fit in the historic urban landscape.


Sustainability at every scale of the project.

Energy saving is not only an opportunity to save money but is a duty for human beings’ future existence on Earth.

Design for Cooperation

Building communities.

NXC LAB develops pro-bono projects for no-profit organizations to promote human equity in rights, education and services.


Architectural and urban design, restoration, landscape design and product design.